• New strategies in ED Design Health Facilities Management 2015 Angela explores how to design an emergency department as a destination point- a portal to wellness for populations who may not be captured currenlty in a healthcare system.
  • Reworking the Healthcare Workspace Healthcare Design 2014 As we shift from managing wellness instead of treating illness, collaboration among caregivers is critical.  This article explores design strategies to help workers thrive in a new environment.
  • X Architects columnist Salome Reeves interviews Angela and gets her insights on what it means to be a practicing architect in today’s world. 
  • LIVEli-hoods explores the workspace environment, how to counter its negative effects and empower your space,  including feng shui tips for the office. 
  • Urban Rx: Cures for Sick Places takes a deep dive into blight and urban revitalization, discussing how to create revitalizing and dynamic neighborhood environments. 
  • Why write the Book Career Crisis?  Learn the secret behind what led Angela to start the Patron Saint of Architecture Blog, how she became a career coach and what a career crisis is really all about.