Designing Identity

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In week six of the Why Design Novena, we explore the ways that design impacts our identity and sense of ourselves in the world. Applied Environmental Psychologist Sally Augustin shares her insights and research and [...]

Designing Matter

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In week five of the Why Design Novena, we explore the ways that materiality and systems act as ecosystems that can influence the ways we think about and use space. Blaine Brownell, Associate Professor and [...]

Designing Instinct

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In week three of the Why Design novena, we explore the physical impact space has on our bodies and minds to understand how our instinct leads us to react to space.  Researcher and architect Ann [...]

Designing Health

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In Week Two of the Why Design Novena, we hear from Diana Nicholas, an architect and Drexel University professor whose work focuses on biophilia. Our work can impact health and well-being profoundly- it's time to [...]

The Voice for Patients: Authentic Empathy

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Empathy in design is something that too often gets glossed over in projects.  Thinking about who is using our spaces and their needs elevates design beyond aesthetics, making it resonant, making it architecture. In week [...]

Elevating Architecture

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So often, we feel afraid as architects to ask for too much, from our clients, our firms, ourselves.  At The Patron Saint of Architecture, I have been on a steady campaign to dispel this notion [...]

White Blight

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Prototype of patient room Is white the new Mauve?  I wonder if we are fooling ourselves as designers  that the absence of color will somehow lend an air of timelessness to our designs.  [...]

Remedies for Healthcare Design: Major Industry Directions You Need to Address

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Sometimes as architects, we get so myopically focused on what we do, in the process of design and project delivery, we fail to see the biggest picture. Our clients and colleagues often suffer this same [...]

Games of Chance

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It’s a buyers market out there in any way you want to look at it.  Got real estate to sell? Good luck.  Need a job?  Remember to rub your rabbit’s foot before you submit the [...]